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BJJ Couture

BJJ COUTURE SVǴ LTD 1.0 GI - Black & Blue

BJJ COUTURE SVǴ LTD 1.0 GI - Black & Blue

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GO! \\WITH THE FLOW//AGAINST THE GRAIN and enjoy this one-of-a-kind, limited edition clean gi with all the leopard detail you can handle. #rationallyeclectic  From the contrast gusset, custom embroidery, custom color  lapels, interior leopard lining lining and subliminal affirming imagery throughout, every angle has a design element whether you're pressure passing, matrixing, or playing lapel guard. 

Each gi comes with a custom BJJ Couture Gi Dry Bag!

Laundry Instructions:

Machine wash cold, air dry. DO NOT use bleach, oxyclean, or any "stain removers", as those chemicals can alter fabric color. 

Top: 350 gsm

Pants: Ripstop

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